Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hold off.

This blog is only a brief description of the amazing products this company offers. I suggest taking a look, but not making any decision until you have been able to have the full presentation. Contact me to set an appointment for a free no obligation 20 minute presentation over the phone to learn about the full benefits of being a customer. Then if you still are not interested, we will promise never to contact you again. What have you got to loose.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Summary of Customer Benefits

The products of this company are actually really amazing. Melaleuca is a 28 year old company that has makes all natural cosmetics, cleaners and vitamins that are better for you and for the environment. There unique products are patent and guaranteed to work or you get your money back. The mission of the company is to make people have a better quality of life. WIth hundreds of products from make-up, face wash, laundry soap, energy bars and more. I use a lot of these products myself and feel healthier and know I am helping the environment.

The company allows you to sign up as a preferred customer and in turn you receive all of the following benefits:
• $25 in free product for your first 5 months.
• 12% of your monthly order in loyalty dollars given back to you, when you order early in the month which you can use to buy more products anytime.
• 30-40% off the regular retail price of every product, meaning most things turn out to be a lot cheaper than grocery store brands
• products that are delivered right to your house
• you get between 5 and 15% off the following online stores just because they want to reward you for shopping with Melaleuca: I guess they know how beneficial these products are for your health and the planets health. (The Bay, Aeropostale, Barnes and Noble, Dockers, Eddie Bauer, Sur La Table, Office Depot, and more)
• the thought that you are aiding in your own health and wellness.

In addition to the above benefits of being a preferred customer, Melaleuca does not advertise in any way other than by word-of-mouth, so if you refer someone to the company, they will pay you a percentage of that persons monthly order, which for someone who only refers 1 or 2 people might mean $5 - $20, but that is still more than than the $0 you currently are getting right? So you can see there is obviously a business side to this as well, which I wont get into now, but if you decide to promote this a lot, you can make a lot money, but even for the person who just wants to buy better products there is a multitude of benefits to be had. But you might ask if there is a catch, well to be honest I suppose there is. Because they offer so many benefits, the one thing they ask you to do is purchase a minimum each month, (which is only fair seeing they offer you profit shares each month), but this minimum is really low and even a student like myself is able to comfortable meet it each month. I can go into more detail later about what the minimum is, but basically in the end you still up spending less on the same types of products you probably already buy.

So this is a very brief summary of what the company is, but there is so much more to know, so if you have any questions you can message me again but I suggest going to the website below and checking it out for yourself.


Also there is a presentation online you can go through at the following link, which you will need a password to view, the password is "newhorizons" .


Thanks for you interest and ask me anything more you want to know.

Monday, November 3, 2008

A miracle...no just facts.

Imagine buying cosmetic, cleaners, food, medications and more that were cheaper, delivered right to your door, were better for you health and aided in saving our planet from harm. How can you resist that. These products exist and work. You can try them with a 100% money back guarantee. Plus learn how you can make money doing this. 

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Welcome Message

Welcome to my blog, I am so glad you are some of the first to be reading this brand new site.  I hope you find it interesting and come back regularly to read up on my newest post. This blog is dedicated to health and well-being. Being a customer and lover of the products from a company I trust, I am excited to share my knowledge with you. If buying wholesale, purchasing products that are not only better for your own health and well-being but are also environmentally friendly and being a part of an company that delights in the well-being of its loyal customers, than please contact me for more information. I would to hear from you and help you on a path way to a better quality of life. Our company has hundreds of products from energy food for athletes, to cleaning supplies, to cosmetics, to vitamin and mineral supplements. Proven to be the best available and offered at competitive prices, it only makes sense.